Commercial, Contracts and Procurement

Giving you in-depth procurement law support

When it comes to investing in new resources for your organisation, you can encounter elements of the process that fall outside your range of expertise. We understand this, and bring the knowledge and specialist skills to help you successfully manage the whole process.

Our specialist commercial lawyers advise on all aspects of contract, procurement and commercial matters, including facilitating the delivery of major corporate projects. We have a diverse staff base with significant experience drawn from both the public and private sectors.

Understanding the changing healthcare law landscape

Our team also advises on new approaches to commissioning healthcare. We understand the national agenda and the changing landscape facing Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and providers. We are working with CCGs to introduce new models of care that deliver better results.

With us on board, you can rest assured that all stages of the process are effectively managed and delivered on time and to budget.

We provide advice, support and representation in relation to:

  • All aspects of contracts for supplies, works and services. We advise on suppliers’ terms and conditions, and draft contract and project agreements
  • The law relating to contracts and procurement including Contract Procedure Rules and the Public Contract Regulations 2015
  • Procurement documentation (advising on and drafting)
  • Projects and partnerships
  • Grant funding and loan agreements
  • The legal aspects of insourcing and outsourcing of services
  • Intellectual property rights (such as copyright and trademarks)
  • The contractual aspects of education, joint use projects and academisation

Corporate advice for procurement and commercial law best practice

First North Law can also provide:

  • Advice in respect of the setting up of local authority controlled companies
  • Company law and State Aid advice
  • Attendance on – and provision of advice to – internal Corporate Procurement Groups and Strategic Procurement Boards
  • Procurement Strategy drafting